Top Gear: These hobbyists convert gasoline-powered motorcycles into e-bikes

The article that started it all - and we couldn’t be more thrilled that it was by none other than the esteemed folks of TOP GEAR. Yes, the TOP GEAR. Within 15 minutes of an introduction, we held our breaths as the writer known as “Nick Raven” took Estelle, our electric scrambler for a spin. After gleefully surviving that surprise ride, we had another heart-attack inducing moment as the editor himself Aris Ilagan (freakin’ legend) dropped by our “make-shift” (i.e. “dude, can we borrow this for Top Gear pls?”) garage. We had nothing to offer but our story and our bikes. 13,000+ shares later after the article was published, we knew this was just the beginning. Check it out here!

Estelle-group-photo-645.jpg - our first international exposure

We caught the attention of, one of the top digital publications for the electric vehicle industry. In a very candid interview (sometimes Romina thinks too candid - lookin’ at you Gabe), boss Gabriel talks aliens, inspiration and our little garage that could with EV Nerds. Click here to read our story.